Name Position Contact Email
Bibash Dhungana(Dipak)  Founder & Chairman  9801168461

Ishwar Ghimire    Managing Director 9801168462
Dipak Basnet  Executive Director 9801168463
Lile Bahadur Lamgod  
Finance Director 9801168460
Mohammad Latif   Marketing Director 9801168464
Surendra K.C.     
General Manager 9801168466
Devraj Tamang International Marketing Director (Uk)
Roman Adhikari Marketing Director

What our clients say about us

Mike Maiers

Panasonic Sdn. Bhd.

"Great service with fast and reliable support.

Highly reccomended for any HR Requirements!"

David Pradhan

Webport Nepal

Good Human Resource company from Nepal. The company we can have trust onto it.